August since my last blog : (

Well Helloooooo everyone, how are we all doing?
Really sorry I’ve not posted since August. If I’m being honest I’ve neglected my website recently, so it’ll change from now on.

2013 was my 1st year as an Olly Murs tribute and to be honest I can’t complain about the amount of gigs I got or the venue’s them selfs. Over all it was a good year. I invested a little bit at a time when I could on my show, but the amount of grafting I did to get work was never ending. I seem to be more recognised now and already considering it’s only the 1st week of 2014 I’ve took bookings for over half of last years gigs tally. Of course I’m not stupid so the hard work doesn’t stop. I’ve invested a lot more money on my show to bring you guys what I think will be an even better show. Specific detailed backing tracks made straight out of a studio, not your average backing tracks that anyone can get hold of. More new costumes so I have a variable choice. And new sound equipment.
I’m seriously looking forward to this year! I was maintain this site better and constantly update you on gigs. Remember you can always catch me on my facebook page as well

A special thanks must go to Tamsin Bayliss and Kelly Protman. When they can they come to my shows and give me so much support. I’d just like to tell you both how much I appreciate it : )

My good friend Ollie Hughes (Robbie Williams tribute) This guy got me started and tutor’d me to build my confidence point me in the right direct to set me on my way to try and become a successful tribute act.

And finally as always my beautiful girlfriend Nichola. Keeps me grounded, tells it to me honestly and never fails to support me with all her friends when I’m local. It means the world to me x

1 thing I’ve sort of always known but really learnt the true meaning now is that Hard work DOES pay off. Aim high

See you all this year across the UK and Europe. Make sure you say hello

Cheers Stu x

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