Olly Olly Olly Oi Oi Oi

So, South Reditch social club. 2 x 45 minutes sets that went down a strom! It was a party for a football presentation, but don’t worry thier wifes and girlfriends were there as well…. Thank God lol. There were plenty of kiddies there as well so it’s always improtant to get the kids up on stage. The youth love Olly Murs and it gives the parents a little break. I’m nice like that.

Just 1 low point of the night. A drunk women putting my down as she was comparing me to the real Olly Murs. How i’m supposed to win against the real thing i’ll never know? But some people will obviously never understand what a tribute means? haha, oh well.


The day after has to be 1 of my highlights of the year so far as a tribute to Olly Murs. Oakengates Carnival in Telford. I’m a Telford lad my self and we haven’t had something like this for as long as i can remember! Police had to close the road at 1 point due to 10,000 people craming the streets! Despite the generator running out of diesel thus the stage collapsing on the act before my self and Ollie Hughes as Robbie Williams it was a fantastic show! We aimed to please and i think it’s fair to say we did. Just so enjoyable to perform in front of your home crowd : )


Toby Jug, Rednal in Birmingham. Unfortunatley not the largest of crowds but on the flip side, everyone that was there was up on thier feet and dancing. A massive thank you to the Landlord and landlady who really made me feel welcome. I even got a beef and mustard sandwich out of it !! It does’nt always have to be a massive crowd and i learnt that on this gig.


The week after i supported the Take That tribute Take That and Party that i’m apart of at Littleover Social club in Derbyshire. This was 1 gig i regret not bringing my own gear in stead of going through the DJ’s. He would’nt turn his pa up so i constantly struggled to hear my self and at 1 point even failed to here my que for the start of the song : (

I was angry but when your on stage you can’t show it so you have to keep that “smile” on your face at all times lol.

Thankfully despite the sound problems our Take That spot was much better. The other lads were superb and made sure it was going to be a fantastic night. Thank you very much to Kevin Hanson for booking us for his daughters christening.


My next gigs are on gthe 23rd & 25th of August. A busy bank holiday weekend. Cuckoo Oak, Telford. Then it’s local again to Newport for Pheztival, all in aid of Macmillan cancer. Then to my family friends pub Travellers Joy, Telford for a charity event in aid of Help the Hero’s hosted by Carol and Pete Trott.

So a busy weekend but thank god i’m local.

Speak soon guys cheers


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