Sorry it’s been a while

1st things 1st, i’m extremley sorry i’ve not posted for at least a month now. There are many reasons, but in a nut shell i’ve been extremley busy as of late. But anyway, enough of that….

Since my last post i was at Pontins in Pakefield, Suffolk. A 4 hour drive but the big venue’s you want to be doing. Just an hours set but after the act before had got the crowd going so that my job alot easier. The staff there were really helpfull and even gave me a challet for the night to save me from that dreadfull 4 hour drive at night.

My next gig was at the G Casino in New Bright, Wallesy. If i’m honest it was an “awkward” gig. The bar and seating area was the other side of the building and the stage was in between the gambling machine’s and the roulet tables. So my job was harder than usual but hey! I still gave it my all. A small crowd to perform to but i did my best to keep the crowd on the dance floor.

The week after was 1 of my best gigs yet at Olly Murs. The Charnwood Arms in Coalville, Leicestershire. The crowd from start to finish were amazing. They loved every minute of it and so did i. Jane the manager was really helpfull as was the host DJ. Other than Olly Murs i also did a Take That v’s Robbie Williams set which also went down a storm. Can’t wait to go back there soon.

I went to see Olly Murs at the Robbie Williams Take The Crown Tour 2013 at the Etihad City of Manchester Stadium. I’m so glad i did aswell. I’ve also Youtube Olly as much as i can for to help better my show. But seeing him in the flesh as gave me alot more insight.

Next week i’ll be at the boars Head in Shrewsbury along with Ollie Hughes as Robbie Williams. Tickets are still available as well so if you’d like some tickets please get in touch.


Hope every body is ok. I’ll post again soon.

Cheers Stu x

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