Back on form!

Well it was another busy weekend for me. 1st up was Whiston in Chesire where me and the other Take That and Party lads were filling in for Totally Take That. It was ram packed with hen partie amongst others. You got the feeling after all the bad wether we’ve had has its probably been the longest winter we can remember for a long time, after a bit of sun people wanted to be out enjoying themselfs? Sure enough people were. It was a fantastic night all round.

Thankfully this carried on through to saturday, Again another Olly Murs and Robbie Williams show. Whilest setting up at Littleover Social Club in Derbyshire we noticed people outside queing up at 6:30, the doors didn’t open untill 7:30 !!! When the doors did open people didn’t come in by little numbers, oh no! Everyonme was in within 15 minutes, all 140 people. A packed house, so we knew this was going to be good night!

Up 1st was Ollie Hughes as Robbie with his 1st of 2 45 minute sets. A more relaxed set as he wanted to pump it up for his 2nd set. This was prfect for me as the crowd were cheering my name waiting for something more up lifting. After my 1st song (Army of Two) i was on the dance floor making sure peope were up out thiers seats on the dacne floor for my 2nd number (Dance With me Tonight) You see what i did there? ; )

I genuinly couldn’t of asked for a better crowd. They were amazing from the off. When a crowd is that pumped up, it gives you the act that extra 20% in your performance. From waving there arms, singing along at the top of there voices to even bounce up and down for Heart Skips a Beat. It was the best crowd i’ve had so far as Olly Murs by far. After i couldn.t get 5 minutes to my self for people wanting pictures and to just chat. It wasa really nice to see. Brought back some good memories of my time living and singing in Spain. I even got brough 5/6 pints which i certainly wasn’t complaining about : )

A weekend off for me this week, so i get to enjoy the bank holiday with my girlfriend which im really looking forward to. But after a great weekend last i certainly cant wait to get back into the swing of things.

Have a brilliant bank holiday everyone and i’ll be back blogging soon enough x

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