Dove Cliff Hotel, Burton on Trent

Well Dove Cliff Hotel in Burton was easily 1 of the prettiest picturesc venue’s i’ve been to in a long time! They must be flat out with weddings in the summer i’m sure. It was an odd gig to be honest. A tribute night at £35 a tickets which included a 3 course meal and Olly Murs and Robbie Williams tribute. No DJ though so before and after we went on there was no atmosphere what so ever? Bizzare really? It was tough to get them going, especially after they’d just stuffed thier faces with fine cuisine lol. After suffering a sore throat for most of the week prior to this gig, it’s fair to say it was’nt my best gig voacally. But what can you do other than give it 100% If your ill, your ill.

I’d just like to thank the staff at the Dove Cliff hotel for thier hopitality and the use of 1 of the rooms. I’d recomend the place to anyone looking for a wedding venue.


If you didn’t already know, Olly Murs has realeased his 3rd single fromn his latest album ‘Right Place Right Time’. Thankfully he’s released 1 of my personal favourites ‘Dear Diary’

That’ll be be going straight in the set for saturdays gig at Littleover Social Club in Derbyshire. I’m very much looking forward to saturday as im told it’s a sell out crowd so i’ll definitley be redeeming myself after my dissapointment vocally last saturday.


Well i’ll post again after this weekends gig, but for now im getting back to enjoying my birthday.

Speak soon x

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