Welcome to my New Site

First and foremost and like to thank my good friend Greg McAloon for building this site. I think you’ll all agree he’s done a fantastic job!


I’ll try my best to write a blog after every gig. Im sure there will be some good…. and bad moments : / to share with you all as i go on.

Wombourne was a great experience in March for me. Many of my close friends and family made it to come and watch the show. There was also my good friend Ollie Hughes and his Robbie Williams tribute. It was a brilliant night all round. Were hoping to go back there later on in there year possibly with our Take That show? Watch this space!

Not long after i was on my travels to Essex for a gig in Benfleet at a club called La Quinta. A family run club that always provides a great atmosphere. Again with Ollie Hughes As Robbie Williams. A tough crowd to start but after getting stuck into them they soon came around and i had everyone on the dance floor swinging there arms, singing along : )

Tomorrow (14/04/2013) i have 2 gigs. 1st 1 in the afternoon at the Duke Box in Oakengates, Telford. Where Dj Shutsie from BBC  Shropshire Radio will be hosting the competiton to name the Princess and Queen for Oakengates Carnival in July. THere will be a light buffet as well …. again Ollie hughes will be performing also. £2 entry.

Then its off to The Huntingtree in Halesowen for the rearanged event. As last time the snow cancelled things. Its free entry where i will be doing a 70 minutes set of Olly Murs’s biggest hits and some of his covers he’s done over the past 3 years in his tours and whilst on the X Factor.

Thanks for reading, Next blog will be within the next few days x

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